• Steel Sheet Moulding

  • Steel Sheet Moulding

  • Steel Sheet Moulding

  • Steel Sheet Moulding

  • Steel Sheet Moulding

  • Steel Sheet Moulding


About Boca

Boca S.r.l. produces steel sheet of every size and shape. We can ensure a perfect performance in the most complex forms with weldings free from porosity and surface defects. There are many combinations of surface finishings and accessories availability to be provided with the product.

Making use of their own technicians and technology Boca s.r.l. is able to develop and follow step by step all phases of the project according to the customer’s needs.

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Quality and innovation have always characterized Boca srl in accordance with the company’s philosophy they invest in human and financial resources for development and technological innovation to be applied to rotational moulding.

Our departments are formed by dynamic and experienced staff and by the latest equipment so that we are able to satisfy the most increasing demands of our customers.


Nowadays technology is accessible to everyone.

It’s the experience that is difficult to obtain that is, the ability to combine a strong technical and planning expertise with the modern technologies that the market has now developed.

After 35 years of experience Boca s.r.l. can assist the customer to find the best solution for every problem in the rotational moulding field.

Boca S.r.l. is proud to offer its customers this complete service and support starting from parts design, focusing on moulding problems and plastic product cost-effectiveness, to the moulds and spider planning made especially for customers’ moulding machines and after-sales assistance.


Boca is able to carry out complex shapes of all sizes ensuring a perfect execution of the mould with weldings without porosity and surface defects.

We submit moulds to particular treatments in order to eliminate internal deflections for a greater lifetime of products. Feasibility and working studies are made by an equipped technical office together with structural calculations to optimize product weights and dimensions.

We can also make tests to verify the absence of any imperfections and responsiveness to the customer’s requirements.