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About Boca

Boca s.r.l. produces aluminum casting moulds or CNC machining of every size and shape with the help of the latest machines. Paying attention to the continual changes in the market, we can provide moulds with any type of surface finishing and with a wide range of accessories.

Making use of their own technicians and technology, Boca s.r.l. is able to develop and follow step by step all phases of the project according to the customer’s needs.

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Quality and innovation have always characterized Boca srl in accordance to the company’s philosophy they invest in human and financial resources for development and technological innovation to be applied to rotational moulding.

Our departments are formed by dynamic and experienced staff and by the latest equipment so that we are able to satisfy the most increasing demands of our customers.


Nowadays technology is accessible to everyone.

It’s the experience that is difficult to obtain that is, the ability to combine a strong technical and planning expertise with the modern technologies that the market has now developed.

After 35 years of experience, Boca s.r.l. can assist the customer to find the best solution for every problem in the rotational moulding field.

Boca S.r.l. is proud to offer its customers this complete service and support starting from parts design, focusing on moulding problems and plastic product cost-effectiveness, to the moulds and spider planning made especially for customers moulding machines and after-sales assistance.


The quality of an aluminum alloy is essential to get a mould quality.

Constant investments in high performance/resistant new materials together with our great experience in this field allows us to obtain porosity-free aluminum castings throughout their thickness.

We can therefore supply casting moulds consequently worked with CNC machines:

In this way we can get geometries and couplings of CNC moulds with dimensions and geometries typical of casting moulds.